Fall 2020 Programs

After School Escape-- NEW!

Looking for some afternoon fun after a long day of learning? Look no further! Our brand new program After School Escape is the perfect place to drop your kids, and let them unwind and socialize with their friends. Activities include: a quiet room for homework, sport activities, arts and crafts, and much more!
Registration: Please register for the number of days you would like to send your child. If you sign up for the week, there is a small discount! Please indicate upon checkout which days you would like to send your child. Please make sure that the number of days you are paying for matches the number of days you will be sending your child. To sign up, please click on the specific week below: 
Week 6: October 19 - October 23
Week 8: November 2 - November 6
Week 9: November 9 - November 13 (No program on 11/11)
Week 10: November 16 - November 20
Week 11: November 23 & November 24
Week 12: November 30 - December 4
Week 13: December 7 - December 11
Week 14: December 14 - December 18
Week 15: December 21 - December 23 
Weekly Fees
Week 2: $85.00/residents, $100.00/non-residents 
Week 3: $85.00/residents, $100.00/non-residents 
Week 4: $85.00/residents, $100.00/non-residents 
Week 5: $68.00/residents, $83.00/non-residents 
Week 6: $85.00/residents, $100.00/non-residents 
Week 7: $85.00/residents, $100.00/non-residents 
Week 8: $85.00/residents, $100.00/non-residents 
Week 9: $68.00/residents, $83.00/non-residents 
Week 10: $85.00/residents, $100.00/non-residents 
Week 11: $35.00/residents, $50.00/non-residents 
Week 12: $85.00/residents, $100.00/non-residents 
Week 13: $85.00/residents, $100.00/non-residents 
Week 14: $85.00/residents, $100.00/non-residents 
Week 15: $50.00/residents, $65.00/non-residents  
Daily Rates: The fee for daily admission is $20.00 and registration MUST be completed before sending your child. 

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Calendar for After School Escape
Fall 2020 Parent Handbook

Mini Preschool

Explore the world of Mini Preschool! This program is a child's first introduction into the world of school. Children can socialize with peers and separate from caregivers in a comfortable environment. It allows your child to ease into routines of school with short sessions for family friendly flexibility. The class will focus on beginning social interactions, sensory motor exploration, and play experiences to promote language, motor and cognitive skills while nurturing and supporting their emotional development. Sign up quick! Maximum number of 10 kids per session.
Days: Tuesdays
Session 1: September 22 - October 20
Session 2: November 10 - December 8
Time: 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Cost: $90.00/child
Ages: 18 months - 3 years old
Location: Pine Knoll Recreation Area

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Fall 2020 Parent Guide
Session 1 Calendar 

Babysitting Course

This is an entry level course designed to teach age appropriate skills necessary to care for children of all ages using team babysitting, mother's helper and individual babysitting concepts. The course focuses on safety with emphasis on prevention.
* NEW: All student s will receive CPR/First Aid training and certifications upon completion.* Sign up early! Maximum number is 15 participants per session. Certifications will be received after taking one class.

Safe@Home Course

The Safe@Home by SafeSitter is a program designed to prepare kids to be safe when they are home alone. This program teaches students how to practice safe habits, how to prevent unsafe situations, and what to do when faced with dangers such as power failures or weather emergencies. Students are also introduced to the SafeSitter First Aid Chart and learn a system to help them assess and respond to injuries and illnesses.

Adult Fitness Classes

Cardio Strength
Test your heart, muscles and have fun together with our certified instructors! For any ability and for 18+. Sign up now and start your path to better health!